Chasing the Light in Wales

I had wanted to visit Wales for a number of years, so in September 2018 I set off for my first trip, booking a caravan for one week at Talacre, which is very close to the beach and the lighthouse. The caravan park had a swimming pool and lots of entertainment for my two small children, so this was ideal for a family holiday and a photography trip. Two birds one stone kind of thing..

Point Of Ayr Lighthouse

Talacre lighthouse also known as Point of Ayr lighthouse, was first constructed in 1776 and it is a spectacular sight standing proud on the wide open beach. This image was taken at dawn with some beautiful colour in the sky, using a Nisi 3 Stop Medium Graduated filter to balance the contrast between sky and ground. The nisi filters have no colour cast, and the quality of the nano coated glass is excellent.

Point Of Ayr, Wales – Nisi v5Pro, 3 Stop Medium Graduated

South Stack-Anglesey

South Stack lighthouse, another iconic location on the far North West coast of Anglesey, was on my list so I decided to go over. I had a feeling the light would be good. I arrived a few hours before sunset, and I decided to shoot the lighthouse from the cliffs after checking out a few possible compositions.

I got lucky with the light, it was a lovely sunset with some wonderful side light hitting the rocks and cliff, and the lighthouse itself in some shadow giving the scene depth. I used my Nisi V5 Pro filter holder, with a Nisi 6 stop to lengthen the shutter speed and a 3 Stop Medium Graduated to balance the sky.

South Stack, Anglesey – Nisi v5Pro, 6 Stop ND, 3 Stop Medium Graduated

That was my second lighthouse in the bag and two more to go. Back at Talacre I collected the family and we moved to our second location, a farm cottage on Anglesey for 5 days. Yes I know, I went the day before and could have waited, but sometimes you get a feeling and have to go with it. It was probably a good job too, when we arrived on Anglesey there was a storm, it was blowing a gale and the rain was very heavy, so the first two days we were confined to the cottage.

Penmon Point-Anglesey

On the third morning the rain had stopped although it was still blowing a gale, I decided to go to Penmon lighthouse in the hope I would get a nice sunrise, I arrived about an hour before sunrise and set my tripod up and my camera, and what a stunning sky I got, the colours in the sky were beautiful.

Penmon Point Anglesey – Nisi v5Pro, 3 Stop Medium Graduated

I was hit by a rough wave and was lucky to be still standing. I had my Nisi 3 stop Medium Graduated filter mounted and it was covered in sea water, but the Nano coatings mean they are so easy to clean, so I just quickly cleaned my filter and kept on shooting. I came away with an image I had been after for years.

Llandwyn Island

That was my third lighthouse in the bag and one more to go. The next morning I drove to Llanddwyn Island to shoot Twr Mawr lighthouse, I arrived early and it was still dark, I had my torch with me so I began the 30 minutes walk to the lighthouse from the car park, again it was blowing a gale and the sand was blowing into my eyes, making the walk very difficult.

When I got to the lighthouse I set my tripod and camera up, I had to be very careful to make sure the wind did not blow my tripod over or blow my filters out my hands. Taking the shot I had to put all my weight onto the tripod to try and prevent camera shake. Using my trusty Nisi 3 Stop Medium Graduated filter I got a shot I was happy with after wanting to see this stunning and peaceful location for over 5 years.

Llandwyn Island – Nisi v5Pro, 3 Stop Medium Graduated

Lone Tree-Snowdonia

After Anglesey we had booked a cottage in Llanberris, Snowdonia for a few days where I wanted to shoot the Lone Tree at lLyn Padarn. I visited four consecutive times at dawn and sunset only to find the water level so high because of the rain I could not get anywhere near it. Last chance, on the last day I went back at dawn and the water level had dropped enough to get a good composition.

Llyn Padarn Snowdonia – Nisi v5Pro, 6 Stop ND, 3 Stop Medium Graduated

The foreground was still flooded to give some wonderful reflections and some light mist had formed on the lake surface. Using a Nisi 6 Stop ND to give a slightly longer shuter to flatten the water and the 3 Stop Medium Graduated I got a shot I was happy with. It is a classic shot, some say a cliché, but when you haven’t done it before you have to try.

All in all I had a great trip, with a happy family and chance to do some photography for myself. It was a mixed bag of weather, and thanks to my Nisi Filter kit I came home with some images I am really happy with.



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Lenslight Nisi Visionary Based in Durham the coast is my passion, especially Seaham, the North East is magical.... View Biography


  1. Avatar
    Mali May 13, 2019 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    An epic story from locations I love and some I have yet to venture to. Wonderful shots Ivor, my favourite in this fabulous collection is the Penmon shot! Superb. I Look forward to your next story from your photographic journey…

  2. Avatar
    Xanthe May 14, 2019 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    We live in such a diverse country and you, Ivor, manage to capture our landscapes effortlessly with such mesmerising and energizing beauty. One feels tempted to follow in your footsteps to see these locations. I feel your enthusiasm through your story telling and persistence to gain the shot you envisaged which seems to pay off.

    Outstanding presentation of work to date.

    I think NISI filters are something I will have to strive for.

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