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Join Our Ambassadors

Would you like to join our team?

We have a small team of UK Ambassadors who use and showcase our products to achieve their creative photographic vision. To run alongside the Nisi Global Ambassadors we will be growing our team of NiSi UK Ambassadors and NiSi UK Visionaries.

We are selective and do not want to saturate the UK with Ambassadors because we do not believe it helps the brand. Instead we want enthusiasm and creative vision to be the driving force behind the NiSi Brand.

What are we looking for?


To join our team of Ambassadors we are looking for photographers who are established full time or part time photographers. You should have a good following on Social Media and have a creative flair with outstanding photographic skills. You should also have the time and the willingness to be part of a team of photographers to attend group meets for fun, and be willing to run some yourself. You ideally will be running workshops and giving talks.

An understanding of how to promote yourself online is needed. We would expect that you already have a website and that you are active on social media.


Visionaries are photographers who we think have an outstanding talent for creating images with impact. You may not have the following on Social Media yet, but we would still be interested to hear from you. Drive, ambition and talent matters.

Get in touch

Please use the contact form below to tell us about yourself.

Please include information about you, what inspires you, what interests you to get out there in all weather to get a shot, and what you think you can bring to NiSi.

Please include links to your social media accounts so we can see your work. We want to hear from active photographers with drive and passion.

The more information you provide the better.

Please also understand that it may take some time for us to respond to you, and please do not apply if being unsuccessful will offend.

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