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NiSi 100mm Holder System

The Filter Holder Re-imagined

The NiSi V5 Pro Filter Holder System started from a simple concept, to remove the need for a large bulky Polariser on the outside of the filter holder. The lens ring was redevelop as an Adapter ring, with a removable CPL. The benefits are obvious.

  • Integrated removable CPL plus 3 Filter Slots

  • Removable holder allowing independent use of CPL

  • No vignetting down to 16mm FOV


The Revolution started here..

The World’s first filter holder with integrated CPL re-imagined by NiSi.

The start of a revolution…


V5 Pro Slot Design

The NiSi V5 Pro unique slot design applies pressure to the edges of the filter, not the surface. This provides better protection for your filters and gives a smoother operation. The sculpted back top plate removes vignetting on wider lenses.

V5 Pro CPL Geared Wheel

The NiSi V5 Pro system incorporates two easy to access gear wheels ensuring the CPL is easy to turn even when using additional slot-in filters. And the CPL is raised slightly allowing for easy removal when needed.

V5 Pro Integrated Polariser

The NiSi V5 Pro integrated CPL removes the possibility of light catching the rear and bouncing back into the lens. And it can be used with no filter holder mounted. Also available as the Landscape Edition Nano Coated CPL.

V5 Pro 360º Rotation

The ingenious design of the main Adapter Ring as a wide angle adapter, and the design of filter rails means the holder can be rotated a full 360º with no vignetting on lenses as wide as 16mm.


Everything you need

Each V5 Pro kit comes complete with all the items you need, all contained in a neat leather storage case. It includes the filter holder, Circular Polariser, main Adapter ring, and additional lens rings for the most popular sizes. Additional rings are also available if needed.

Also available is the Landscape Edition with Nano Coated Polariser.

  • Aluminium Filter Holder with 3 Filter Slots

  • 82mm Geared Adapter Ring

  • 82mm Polariser

  • 67mm, 72mm and 77mm Lens Rings


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