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NiSi 100mm Holder System

The NiSi V6 Filter Holder is the next evolution in 100mm Filter systems from Nisi, building on the innovations of the V5 Pro. Discover the differences….

  • New integrated lock pin

  • New compact shape, easier removal of ND’s

  • Improved rails and Adapter Ring

  • New polariser cap and case


The Evolution


V6 Lock Pin

New to the V6, an independent lock pin. Now you can lock the holder in any position to hold filters at any angle, and have even more confidence when moving around. Move location secure in the knowledge that your V6 is firm and secure.

V6 360º Rotation

The ingenious design of the main Adapter Ring as a wide angle adapter, and the design of filter rails means the holder can be rotated a full 360º with no vignetting on lenses as wide as 16mm. And now it can also be locked in any position.

V6 CPL Geared Wheel

The NiSi V6 system incorporates two easy to access gear wheels ensuring the CPL is easy to turn even when using additional slot-in filters. The V6 Adapter Ring has been re-engineered to raise the CPL higher, making it easier to remove.

V6 Integrated Polariser

The NiSi V6 integrated CPL removes the possibility of light catching the rear and bouncing back into the lens. And it can be used with no filter holder mounted.

V6 Polariser Cap

The CPL Cap has been newly designed for the Nisi V6. With a hard shell centre which clips onto the adapter ring, the outer section is a softer rubber with a pull tab for easy removal. Please note this does not fit the V5 Pro adapter.


Everything you need

Each V6 kit comes complete with all the items you need, all contained in a newly designed case. 

It includes the filter holder, Circular Polariser, main adapter ring, and additional lens rings for the most popular sizes. Additional rings are also available if needed.

The V6 now also comes complete with a newly designed CPL cap, allowing it to be left on the lens when stowed in a kit bag.

  • Aluminium Filter Holder with 3 Filter Slots

  • 82mm Geared Adapter Ring

  • 82mm Polariser

  • New case and new CPL cap

  • 67mm, 72mm and 77mm Lens Rings

NEW-NiSi Switch

The New NiSi Switch is an additional frame that can be purchased. With two filter slots they can be rotated together or independently allowing light to be controlled from multiple angles. No vignetting even at 16mm full frame.


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