NiSi 100mm Explorer Nano IR Filters


  • NEW 100mm Explorer Tempered Glass
  • IR Layers for True to Life colour
  • Water repelling and low reflection Nano Coating
  • True to life colour
  • Compatible with 100mm Filter Holder systems
  • Free NiSi Nano Cloth with each filter




Made for Adventurers

The NiSi Explorer Collection 100mm System filters are made for adventure. The filters feature a special glass hardening process that makes them stronger than other glass filters. The Explorer series are less prone to accidental breakage and perfect for active photographers.NiSi Explorer filters are manufactured from B270 optical glass, the same glass as used by other filter manufacturers.

Nano Coated

NiSi IRND filters do not affect the colouration of the image, giving a true to life colour and are made from high-quality B270 glass (not resin) with the same Nano coatings used on our Optical quality glass filters. The Nano coatings repel water, making them easier to clean, and IR layers reduce infra-red light to give a natural true to life color.

Tempered Glass

Available filters:

ND Filter – 6 stop and 10 stop, for long exposures.

Graduated – 3 Stops Medium, Soft and Reverse Graduated.

Soft Graduated – For skies dominated by scenery protruding into it.

Medium Graduated – A great all-round filter with less scenery dominating the sky.

Reverse Graduated – A darker centre line perfect for sunrises and sunsets.

For more information please see the info tabs.

Additional information

Neutral Density Factor


Are They Shatterproof?

B270 glass is a high quality optical glass with good clarity and light transmission and is the same glass used by other manufacturers producing toughened glass photographic filters. It is used in many applications from high quality touch screens and LCD covers to lens protection filters.


B270 glass filters are a good quality glass filter which can be tempered or toughened, which has advantages. It is stronger than Optical quality glass and in most cases it will survive drops from approx.. 1m onto concrete. However if dropped on a corner it may still chip, and there is more risk of the lateral shock travelling through the glass and shattering it.


The toughening process for this glass degrades over time. The time frame is impossible to measure, and whilst it may never become an issue it is important for us to not make the claims of others. Whilst stronger to start with, over time the strength will degrade. This technology cannot be applied to high quality optical glass, which is the reason they are not toughened. And for perspective, optical glass filters are very strong. Many of us have dropped a NiSi Optical Glass filter and it has survived with no damage.

Is Image Quality Different?

In most cases you will not see a difference. NiSi Optical quality filters give the highest image quality possible which is important considering the optical performance of today’s lenses and the high resolution of modern sensors.

For most photographic applications the image quality of B270 glass filters will be very good. For those demanding the highest possible quality image, sharpness and detail we would strongly suggest choosing our Optical glass filters.

Why Are They Cheaper?

B270 glass is a much more cost-effective glass to use that optical glass. For this reason the cost of our Explorer filters are lower than our Optical quality glass filters. We decided to introduce these filters with a price that reflects the material used, and not to over inflate the claims or the price to the end user.


Will the range be expanded?


NiSi have become a global brand by producing the highest quality products and creating change in the industry through innovation. Whilst there is a market for a general purpose toughened glass filter, we believe our core product and demand is for Optical quality filters. We were the first to develop Nano coatings and IR layers and will continue to innovate in this area.

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