NiSi 100mm System Filter Caddy Case


  • New 100mm Caddy Case
  • 100mm Case for 9 filters
  • Zipped Top Pocket
  • Holds V5 Pro plus 7 filters
  • Holds 100×150 and 100x100mm filters
  • Tough canvas outer shell with padded dividers
  • Tripod strap and shoulder strap
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100mm Filters.

The NEW NiSi 100mm Filter Caddy Case  has been introduced for those who do not want a hard shell case. This is the new version of the older Case Plus, and refinements include a zipped pocket on top of the case ideal for storing cleaning cloths, and a stiffer outer on the front and rear for additional protection.

Made from a strong outer canvas shell, the internal dividers are soft flock lined to protect filters. A unique ‘pocket’ on each divider allows 100x100mm ND filters to be stored safely without moving in the larger pockets for 100×150 Graduated filters.

A large Velcro pad on the outside front keeps the flap securely fastened, and another Velco strip on the inside allows the flap to be fastened open when needed. With a tripod strap to the rear, an easy to adjust shoulder strap is also included with quick release fasteners for when the strap is not required.


Up to 9 NiSi filters, 5 x 100×150 Graduated and 4 x 100×100 ND filters.

The case will also hold the Nisi V6 holder, adapter ring and CPL with up to 7 filters.





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