NiSi 100mm V6 Advanced Kit-CUSTOM


  • Advanced Custom Kit with x 4 Graduated ND Filters
  • IRND6 6 Stop and IRND1000 10 Stop ND’s
  • V6 Enhanced Landscape Edition CPL Kit
  • Nano Coated IRND Filters
  • NiSi Clever Cleaner + cloth included
  • Air Blower and lens pen included
  • Includes Nisi Case for 9 filters

VALUE £1038

Custom Kits are individual items selected for flexibility. To add an option please add the Kit first and then add an option.



All our CUSTOM KITS are specially selected individual items and not retail boxed kits. Using our experience as photographers this means we can offer specially prepared Kits with flexibility, to give you the filters you want and need.

Many CUSTOM KITS have additional options which can be selected, and if you do not see the item you want, simply contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you.

CUSTOM KITS are all factory sealed individual items, just as if bought individually. Filters are supplied boxed, with wallets, even when Cases are included in the kit, meaning you will receive both. Where filter holders are part of the kit, such as the V5 Pro, this will be a sealed retail kit including the case.

Discounts over individual items and included accessories give you the best value. Custom Kits give you value and flexibility.

NiSi 100mm V6 Advanced CUSTOM KIT

The NiSi Advanced Custom Kit is a Premium Kit containing all the filters and accessories you could need, and it comes with great accessories.

Supplied with the NiSi V6 ENHANCED LANDSCAPE CPL Edition, complete with adapter rings and case, and includes the NiSi CPL Cap to protect your CPL when on the lens.

For Long Exposures it includes the two most popular ND’s, the Nano Coated IRND64 6 Stop and IRND1000 10 stop.

Four Graduated ND filters allow complete control of skies to balance exposure in any situation, including a Soft Graduated, Medium Graduated, Hard Graduated for seascapes and a Reverse Graduated for sunsets and sunrises. You choose the ND factor you want for each filter. The Reverse Graduated may be selected as a 3 or 4 stop depending on your needs. For higher Dynamic Range cameras such as Nikon D850 a 3 stop Reverse is ideal, for other systems a 4 stop will provide better control of bright light at sunset.

To protect your filters a case is included with the option to choose between:

NiSi NEW Premium Soft Case for x9 filters and detachable shoulder strap, with rear tripod strap. A soft flock lining inside the padded interior protects filters, with a secure velcro outer flap. The V6 can be stored in the case along with 6 filters, 100×100 and 100x150mm.

The Kit is supplied with a Cleaning Kit, including NiSi Clever Filter Cleaner, cloth and air blower.

  • Advanced Custom Kit with x 4 Graduated ND Filters
  • IRND6 6 Stop and IRND1000 10 Stop ND’s
  • V6 Enhanced Landscape Edition CPL Kit
  • Nano Coated IRND Filters
  • NiSi Clever Cleaner + cloth included + Air Blower
  • Includes Case with 2 Options
  • Includes NiSi P1 Mobile Filter Kit





Kit Options


  • NiSi V6 Enhanced LANDSCAPE Edition CPL
  • NiSi 100x100mm IRND64 6 Stop ND
  • NiSi 100x100mm IRND1000 10 Stop ND
  • 100x150mm IRGND4 2 Stop Hard Graduated ND
  • 100x150mm IRGND8 3 Stop Soft Graduated ND
  • 100x150mm IRGND8 3 Stop Medium Graduated ND
  • 100x150mm IRGND8 3 Stop Reverse Graduated ND
  • NiSi P1 Mobile Filter Kit
  • NiSi Clever Cleaner + cloth + Air Blower included
  • CPL cap
  • Filter Case Included (Choice of Two)

Change 3 Stop Reverse Graduated to 4 Stop Reverse Graduated

If you wish to change the Reverse Graduated from 3 stops to 4 please select the item and add to the Cart as well as adding the main kit which will give us the instruction to swap it.

Filter Case

There are two options for the Filter Case, the Soft or Hard. Please add the case of your choice to the cart along with the main kit to notify us which case you would like.

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