NiSi 150mm Filter Pouch for x8 Filters


  • Holds up to 8 filters (Holds 8 x 150x150mm, 150x170mm or S5 Circular Filters)
  • Lightweight design
  • Can be mounted to a tripod for easy access and use
  • Can be carried as a shoulder bag, messenger bag and waist bag.
  • Adjustable cross-body sling strap



NiSi 150mm Filter Pouch for x8 Filters

Compatible With

150mm Filters.

Holds 8 Filters
Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Double Zipper
Tripod Strap

Holds 8 150x150mm, 150x170mm or S5 Circular filters.

The New 150mm Filter Case follows the design of the other new cases introduced by Nisi. It features a tough padded outer made from water repellant canvas material with a waterproof double zipper to gain full access to the interior.

Spacious pockets inside keep your filters safe, whilst the tabs can be used to identify each filter.

Shoulder strap included with tripod / waist belt attachment on the rear.

Please note this is not designed to accommodate the Nisi S5 Holder.






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