NiSi Close Up Lens Kit 77mm



  • Allows a telephoto lens function as a macro lens
  • Large working distance
  • Compatible with a zoom or prime lenses in the focal length range of 70-300mm (full frame equivalent)
  • Best working distance: 22-30cm
  • Mounts on any lens with a 77mm thread with a focal length of 70 to 300mm
  • Includes 67mm and 72mm adaptors


NiSi Close Up Lens Kits 77mm

The NiSi Close Up Lens Kit NC 77mm (with 67 and 72mm adaptors) allows a telephoto lens to function as a macro lens with a large working distance. It is compatible with zoom or prime lenses in the focal length range of 70-300mm (full frame equivalent).

The close-up lens is the most effective way to achieve a closer minimal focal distance. The magnification achieved depends on the focal range of lenses, it will be higher with longer focal lengths. The magnification will be close to 1:1 when you focus at 200mm.

To use a close-up lens it is important to know the maximal and minimal distances at which you can focus because you will only be able to take a properly focused image within that range. The best working distance is around 22-30cm.  We recommend using the close-up lens on telephoto lenses with an aperture of f/8-f/16 to achieve the sharped details.

NiSi’s Close-up lens is made of double optical corrective glass with an apochromatic design and muti-nano coating to give advanced resolution and natural colour with almost no purple/green fringing both within focus and in bokeh.









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The Admin Team

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