NiSi DJI Mavic Air Filter Kit (6 Filters)


  • Feather light, ultra thin frame
  • Passes DJI startup calibration tests
  • 6 filter kit
  • Easy to fit
  • Nano coated optical glass
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NiSi Filter Kit (6 Filters) for DJI Mavic Air

NiSi Filter kit for DJI Mavic Air (6 Pack) allows you to achieve more natural and refined videos and expands your creative possibilities. The ND filters lengthen the shutter speed by reducing the amount of light entering the camera – it gives a more natural sense of motion when filming.  Each filter is exceptionally light and features an ultra thin frame.  Each filter is made from optical glass and features Nano Coating and a Waterproof Coating.  The ND’s feature the same IR technology available in NiSi’s Square filters to reduce colour cast and allow a very true to life colour.

Light weight filters ensure they pass the DJI Mavic Gimbal Start Up Calibration test.

Kit Contents:

NiSi Natural Night

CPL – reduces light by 1.5 Stops

IR ND4 – 2 Stop)

IR ND8 – 3 Stop

IR ND16 – 4 Stop

IR ND32 – 5 Stop



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