NiSi Nano IR Neutral Density Filter ND1000 (10 stop) 77mm


  • Nano Coated Optical Glass
  • Ultra thin Aluminium frame
  • High Definition
  • No light fall-off
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NiSi Nano IR Neutral Density Filter ND1000 (10 stop) 77mm

The NiSi 77mm IR Neutral Density ND1000 is a 10 stop filter ideal for reducing the amount of light entering the lens to create Long Exposure images by the equivalent of 10 Stops.

With CNC machined aluminium ultra slim frames, the optical glass is Nano coated to improve contrast, reduce reflections and makes it easy to wipe clean. Using ND filters makes the sensor susceptible to colour cast from Infrared light, which is eliminated by the addition of IR layers to reduce infrared light.

It can be difficult using circular polarisers with circular ND filters because of setting the CPL to the desired level without being able to view it, or disturbing it when fitting a circular ND to the CPL. Square slot in filters avoid this problem.

For those not wishing to use square slot in filters the circular ND is ideal.

Details: 77mm Rear Thread.







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