NiSi P1 Mobile Filter Kit


  • Light compact kit
  • Suitable for most mobile phones
  • Includes holder and 2 filters
  • Nano coated Medium Graduated
  • CPL Filter
  • Universal clip
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NiSi P1 Mobile Filter Kit

The NiSi P1 Mobile Filter Kit is designed for the increasing number of mobile phone photographers, and those wanting to get the best from their phone images. Designed to be compact and easy to use, it features a mini rotating filter holder made from light weight aluminium and plastic rails, with a strong universal clip. Included in each kit is a 3 Stop Medium Graduated filter and Polariser, contained in a strong plastic case and soft pouch.

Compact and easy to take anywhere, this kit also makes a great gift.


Suitable for most mobile phones. To check your mobile phone, the clip has a maximum reach of approx. 28mm to the centre of the filter holder. It will suit any mobile phone with a lens no more than 28mm from the top or side of your phone.



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