NiSi S5 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with LANDSCAPE CPL for Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G


  • Specially designed for Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G
  • LANDSCAPE Edition enhanced CPL
  • No Vignetting
  • World’s first 150mm System with integrated CPL
  • Allows the use of 2 filters with an integrated rotating PRO CPL
  • Geared rotating CPL
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Based on the innovative NiSi V5 System
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The First 150mm System with Integrated CPL

The NiSi S5 System is introduced for photographers using todays Ultra Wide Angle lenses and lenses with fixed lens hoods and no lens thread. Taking the innovative design of the NiSi V5 Pro system, it is based on the same engineering and design of an integrated CPL, rotated by a geared mechanism. The CPL can be used even when the filter holder frame is not required, and it is light sealed meaning no light can bounce back into the lens from the rear of the CPL.

Landscape CPL Edition

The Landscape Edition includes the new Landscape Enhanced CPL. Nano coatings to the glass provide enhanced contrast and colour rendition, and make it easier to wipe clean like other NiSi Nano Coated filters.

The NiSi S5 Kit 150mm Filter Holder with CPL for Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G is ideal for landscape photographers who wish to combine an ultra wide angle lens with a filter system. The S5 filter holder system is constructed with aluminium alloy utilising CNC technology. It allows the use of an integrated PRO CPL and 2 150mm filters without vignetting throughout 360 degrees of rotation.

Install without removing lens

The holder allows very quick installation and removal without removing the lens from the camera.  The front of the holder with clips holding the 150mm filters can be rapidly removed to allow focus and easy replacement or removal of the filters.

the lens adapter features a twist and lock mechanism to give secure mounting, with a lined internal ring to prevent marks on the lens.

The kit includes the holder, adaptor lens mount, a NiSi Pro C-PL and a case to store the holder.





Additional Information

Material: Aviation Aluminium black matt finish.

Compatible Filters: 150mm filters.

Available as Standard Pro CPL and Enhanced Landscape CPL

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