NiSi Titanium Adapter Rings


  • Titanium construction
  • Less binding
  • Knurled for better grip
  • Available for M75 and 100mm systems
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NiSi Titanium Adapter Step Up Rings

The NiSi titanium step-up adaptor rings come with knurled edges for ease of grip and have an anti-reflective coating. Titanium is stronger than standard aluminium rings and is much less prone to expansion and contraction due to fluctuations in temperature and therefore less prone to binding.

To select the correct size, please first select the male thread, which is the side that attaches to your lens (check your lens for this symbol for your lens thread size ““. E.g ⌀ 77mm.) Then select the female thread size. This is the size of the filter or accessory that you wish to mount to your lens.

Availability :

Nisi 75mm System. The Main Adapter Ring is 67mm.

  • 49mm > 67mm
  • 52mm > 67mm
  • 58mm > 67mm
  • 62mm > 67mm

Nisi 100mm System. The Main Adapter Ring is 82mm.

  • 58mm > 82mm
  • 67mm > 82mm
  • 72mm > 82mm
  • 77mm > 82mm

(Other 100mm system sizes can be achieved by combining two adapter rings. For instance a 49-82 adapter can be achieved by combining a 49-67 and a 67-82mm ring)









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49-67mm, 52-67mm, 58-67mm, 62-67mm, 58-82mm, 67-82mm, 72-82mm, 77-82mm

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