NiSi M 75mm Mirrorless System

For Mirrorless Systems with filter thread from 37mm to 67mm

NiSi M 75mm System

The NiSi 70mm Filter System for all compact and mirrorless systems. Designed with the same innovative features of the larger systems.


NiSi NEW V6 100mm System

For all camera systems with lenses up to 82mm thread.

NiSi NEW V6 100mm System

The New NiSi v6 100mm Filter System, suitable even for 16mm wide FF lenses. A new generation, new design, new features.


NiSi S5 150mm Ultra Wide Angle System

For Ultra Wide lenses with concave front element & no filter thread.

NiSi S5 150mm System

Rediscover the wider world with NiSi S5 & the integrated CPL. Suitable for UWA Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Tamron, Sigma.


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NiSi Filters UK

Welcome to Lenslight-NiSi, your Official Distributor for NiSi products in the UK.

NiSi Filters offer a complete square filter system, perfect for Landscape photographers looking for a high quality and easy to use filter system.  NiSi Square Filter Systems are available in 75mm for compacts and mirrorless, 100mm for most wide-angle lenses with standard filter threads, and 150mm size for popular wide-angle lenses including Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8, Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 and Sony 12-24mm f/4. Each system, the M75 75mm, V6 100mm and S5 150mm, offer innovative features by working with and listening to photographers.

All NiSi square filters are Nano coated and offer true to life color through our IR technology.  NiSi Filters are low reflection and made from High Definition Optical glass with double sided coatings.  By using neutral density filters the camera is vulnerable to infrared light which will cast unwanted red color to images. NiSi Filters have an added infrared protection coating layer to eliminate the infrared light through the lens to bring back the True to Life Color.

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