NiSi 100mm System x4 Filter Pouch


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  • 100mm Case for 4 filters
  • Holds 100×150 and 100x100mm filters
  • Tough canvas outer shell with Velcro closure
  • Tripod strap
  • Can also hold V5 Pro, CPL, Adapter ring

Out of stock

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100mm Filters.

The NEW NiSi 100mm Filter Pouch has been introduced for those who want a simple solution for storing and carrying a smaller number of filters. With 4 internal divided slots it will holder 100×150 and 100x100mm filters. It can also be used to hold the V5 Pro 100mm Filter System if a more compact case is required.

A large Velcro pad on the outside front keeps the flap securely fastened, and a tripod strap to the rear keeps hands free when needed.


Up to 4 NiSi filters, 100×150 Graduated and 100×100 ND filters.






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