NiSi Close Up Lens Kit 77mm


  • Allows a telephoto lens function as a macro lens
  • High-quality optical glass with a double apochromatic optical element
  • Multi-Nano Coating NiSi treatment, water-oil repellent
  • Ideal for focal lengths between 70 and 300mm
  • Purple / green fringing reduced to a minimum
  • Diopters +3-4 (between 3 and 4 diopters)
  • Fits directly onto 77mm threaded lenses
  • Adapter Rings for 67 and 72mm  and case included
  • 2 x Lens caps (front and rear) included


NiSi Close Up Lens Kit 77mm

Includes case, lens caps for both ends, 72 and 67mm step rings

The NC Macro NiSi close-up lens II allows you to increase the multiplication factor of your telephoto lens, ideally suited for lenses with focal lengths between 70 and 200mm. Other lenses that fall partially into this focal range will also be suitable, although less effective at wider ends, such as 70-300, 18-105mm, 24-105, 100-400. The best performances are between 70 and 200mm full frame equivalent, and it is also suitable for other lenses such as APS-C and Micro 4/3.


For example, calculate your camera multiplication factor to arrive at 70mm approx:

M4/3 multiplication factor x2, 35mm and above

APS-C multiplication factor x1.5, 50mm and above.


Magnification is very close to 1: 1 when shooting at 200mm, with an element design that significantly reduces the purple/green fringing.

Diopters +3-4 (between 3 and 4 diopters)

The close-up lens screws directly to 77mm thread lenses, but adapter rings are included in the kit for use with 72mm and 67mm threads.

Autofocus remains active in most lenses, in the range of use (e.g. between about 20cm and 30cm with most lenses).








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