NiSi 100mm V6 – Upgrade Kit


  • Upgrade your NiSi V3, V5 or V5 Pro to the V6
  • V6 Filter Holder included
  • V6 82mm Adapter Ring included
  • New Polariser Cap included
  • New Case included
  • Polariser and lens rings not included.

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Owners of previous versions of the NiSi Filter Holder Systems (V5, V5 Pro) can now upgrade their kit to the V6, without the need to buy a whole new kit. Included are all the parts you need to upgrade, without purchasing other items you already have and do not need to upgrade. Included are the new V6 Filter Holder with new shape, new lock pin and improved filter rails, 82mm adapter which will accept the new included cap, and a new case.

The polariser and additional step rings are not included.

Kit Contents:

  • V6 Filter Holder with new design
  • New 82mm Adapter
  • New Polariser Cap
  • New Case

Please note, your V5 V5 Pro 82mm adapter ring will accept the V6 filter holder, but will not accept the new cap.







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