NiSi 75x100mm (M75) Nano IR Soft Graduated ND Filter


  • True to life colour, No colour cast
  • 75x100mm
  • Balance exposure when scenes have a sudden transition from the foreground to the sky (seascapes)
  • Optical glass for high definition
  • Water repellant and low reflection Nano Coating
  • Compatible with the NiSi M75 System
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NiSi Nano IRGND Soft Graduated Filter 

75x100mm for Nisi M75 System

The NiSi Soft Graduated ND is ideal for scenes with very uneven or broken horizon, such as when elements of the scene project into the sky area. Locations with mountains or hills which dominate the sky area yet still have lower areas of sky, such as valleys, can be rendered too dark using other filters. The NiSi Soft Graduated filter provides a very soft transition to balance exposure in these kinds of situations.
Having a very soft transition area it is easy to use without creating a dark line on horizons, and can also be used effectively to stack with other filters when light is extremely bright, such as stacked with an IRGND4 2 Stop Hard or Medium Graduated filter. The Soft Graduated is an essential filter for all Landscape photographers.

All NiSi IRGND are manufactured from Optical Quality Glass with polished edges and rounded corners, all NiSi Filters feature Nano coatings to repel water and reduce lens flare, with IR layers to reduce the amount of infra-red wavelength light entering the lens causing colour cast, giving natural colour and enhanced contrast

The NiSi M75 filter system is ideal for compact and mirrorless cameras with lenses that have a standard filter thread from 40.5mm to 67mm.  

New expanded range of filters available for the M75 System







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