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NiSi Macro System

New from NiSi are the Macro Close Up Lenses and Macro Rail, using their expertise in quality engineering and optical glass. Two Macro lenses are available, designed to give your lenses up to 1:1 magnification without the need of a dedicated macro lens.

A Macro Focussing Rail is also available, deigned for allowing the minute adjustments required for macro photography.

With years working with and using NiSi filters we can provide the best honest and open advice. And no hard sell. Never used filters, or not sure what you need? Just contact us or call 0330 229 0406

Fast and free delivery. In most cases your order is shipped the same day for next day delivery using Royal Mail 24 Hour Tracked.

Want a kit? Can’t see the options you want? Contact us and let us build one for you designed specifically for your needs.

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