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NiSi 75mm Mirrorless System

The NiSi M75 Filter Holder System for Mirrorless takes it’s heritage from the renowned v5 Pro 100mm System. First introduced as the M1 70mm System,  it has now evolved. Slightly wider to accommodate more lenses, a redesigned holder, and wider range of filters.

  • Integrated removable polariser plus 2 filter slots
  • Removable holder allows independent use of CPL

  • Lens threads from 40.5-67mm

For Mirrorless

Developed especially for Mirrorless systems, the NiSi M75 is  suited for smaller compact camera systems with lens threads from 40.5 to 67mm, including Micro Four Thirds systems. It is suitable for many lenses from Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and others.

The M75 system replaces the 70mm M1 system with a number of important updates. As well as wider to accommodate more lenses, the holder has new design. The range of filters has been expanded, and is supplied in a new storage case.






The Evolution..



Suitable for all lenses with a front thread of 67mm. Please Note – The M75 system may be used on lenses up to 72mm thread with a field of view no greater than 40mm (e.g. Olympus 40-150mm Pro) using an extender ring available from third parties. Please contact me for information. Also suitable for the Panasonic 8-18mm and Liowa 7.5mm

New Filters

The M75 System uses a new size of filters to accommodate more lenses, 75×100 Graduated ND’s and 75×80 ND’s. And new filters have been added, including the most popular Medium Graduated, a 15 Stop ND and a natural Night Filter.

Soft Graduated ND’s

Hard Graduated ND’s

Medium Graduated ND’s

Natural Night

ND Filters

M75 Filter Map

Integrated Polariser

The NiSi M75 integrated CPL removes the possibility of light catching the rear and bouncing back into the lens. And it can be used with no filter holder mounted. Available as the Pro CPL or Landscape Edition Nano Coated CPL.

New Design

The new Nisi M75 has undergone significant changes to improve usability. Rail are redesigned to make inserting filters even smoother, and a new lock pin introduced to allow the holder to be locked at any angle, important when accuracy is required.

Redesigned rails

New lock pin


New M75 Case

Each M75 Kit is supplied with the filter holder for two filters, 67mm threaded main adapter ring, and a Circular Polariser, available as the Pro or Landscape CPL. Additional adapter rings are available for other size lens threads.

The newly designed case will hold the system plus an additional 5 lens rings, or filters.

  • Aluminium Filter Holder with 2 Filter Slots

  • 67mm Geared Adapter Ring

  • Circular Polariser



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